What is Hotmail? | How to Create Account and Login : Outlook

Hotmail accounts are the same as Gmail accounts. The difference is that Gmail Accedi accounts are more appropriate for personal usage. But the free mail accounts provided by Microsoft Corporation which are Outlook and Hotmail are usually beneficial when sending and receiving emails among the workers working under an organization is a priority.

Register an Account on Hotmail Email

Creating a Hotmail account is very easy. All you need to do is follow some simple steps listed below, and you will be easily able to sign up and login Hotmail UK account.

  • Go to any of the browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Search for” Create Microsoft Account”
  • Fill in the form according to the details given below:
  • Click on Create Account Option, and the following details would be asked to fill:
  • Name: This will be the display name of your account. Once you fill your name in the “Name text box,” click on “Or get a new email address” and User Name dialog box appears
  • User name: It is one of the login credentials of your Hotmail Account. Enter the user name of your choice and click on the drop-down menu to choose Hotmail.com
  • Password: As soon as you choose Hotmail.com, you need to create a password. This is the second login credential and confidential which should not be disclosed. A strong password may include at least 8 characters in length, including letters, numbers and special characters. Further, re-enter the password to confirm the above
  • Postal Code: Enter the postal code which should include 5 numbers as per your residence
  • Birthday: Further, enter the date, month and year of your birth
  • Gender: Choose your gender between Male or Female from the drop-down menu
  • Country code: Enter the country code in which you currently reside
  • Phone number: Provide your mobile number without adding zero as before the number so that your number gets registered to the Hotmail account
  • Alternate email address: Provide an alternate email id other than the id you provided earlier to create the account. This alternate email id will help you to recover the account in case you forget your login credentials
  • Captcha: Enter the words carefully hat are displayed on the screen. Try out for other codes if the first one is unclear. You can get a new code by clicking on “New.” Also, you can opt for “Audio” to listen to that code.

Once all the details are filled completely, click on “Create Account” so that your account gets created which you can log in for the first time and use it. Once the account is created, you will be lead to the welcome page by Microsoft.

Simple and Direct Method to Login to Hotmail or Outlook

Now you can finally login for the first time to your Hotmail UK. It will show 2 options:

  • Create an Alias: You can create a nickname for your tim mail¬†email account. Once you choose this, you will be further redirected to choose either email or text.
  • SMS: You need to enter the last 4 digits of your mobile number and click on “send code.” Microsoft will send a confirmation code that can be filled in the website and then click on submit
  • Email: Enter your email id in the available box and click submit. You will receive an email with a link. Click on the link and confirm your mail-id.

Skip for now: You can skip creating a nickname if you choose this option